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DJ9KH is returning to Ascension Island from February 22nd to March 6th for his 3rd expedition to Ascension Island. This time we will have 3 operators: Werner DJ9KH, Axel DK9BDN and Christian DL6KAC. We try again to give out as many band-points as possible on the low bands.

Keep fingers crossed that conditions will be good enough. Our antennas are tested and are good performers on 40 to 160 meters. There will be also activity on 60m again. 

As we will have only very limited access to the Internet the logupdates will happen every second day or so. Probably PACTOR will be an alternative.

DK1IP in Germany will be our pilot-station.


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Werner, DJ9KH

Werner is an active radio amateur for more than 40 years. He loves constructing antennas, amplifiers and preamplifiers and participating in UHF-contests. Werner also enjoys going on expeditions and has been active as A35WH, ZK2KH, 5W1EK, F0JR, 3A0FW, C31DX, HB0XUW, EI5BF, OE8ZUK, 3D2DJ, ZK1JKH, DJ9KH/C6A, 3DA1KH, ZS/DJ9KH, V5/DJ9KH, CT3/DJ9KH, E51M.


Axel, DK9BDN

Axel is licensed since 1991 and is mostly active in CW on shortwave from 40m upwards. He was with us on Ascension 2014.


Christian, DL6KAC

Christian is licensed since 1993 and is an active DXer and contester. His favorite mode is SSB but he also likes digital modes. Previous to ZD8D he had been active from several Latin American countries. In 2013 he was part of the KC1XX CQWW DX SSB M/S team setting a new United States record.

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